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The Gua Sha

Sale priceQAR 125

The Gua Sha in collaboration with CRYSTALS is a remarkable addition to your self-care routine. Crafted with care and precision, this custom-designed Gua Sha is thoughtfully created to deliver a gentle and rejuvenating experience.Inspired by the rich heritage of Chinese medicine, Gua Sha tools have been used for centuries to promote well-being.
The Gua Sha
The Gua Sha Sale priceQAR 125

Eliminate Fluid Build-up

By utilising the muscular scraping technique and gentle pressure, allum’s Gua Sha helps eliminate fluid build-up, reduce puffiness, release built-up muscular tension, and promote blood circulation, leaving your face and body feeling refreshed and revitalised. Embracing the art of sculpting, this tool delicately contours your face, offering a temporary uplift as it encourages fluid circulation. Its true power lies in engaging your tissues, facilitating the passage of fluid build-up through the lymph nodes, fostering a sense of balance and harmony. Beyond its physical advantages, the Gua Sha invites you to explore the potential benefits of Xiuyan Jade such as helping you feel more grounded and bringing peace of mind. Treat yourself to the gentle touch of Xiuyan Jade and unlock a renewed sense of vitality.

The Gua Sha

✔ Stimulates lymph nodes to aid detoxification
✔ Encourages blood and fluid circulation
✔ Eliminates fluid build-up
✔ Defines natural facial contours
✔ Eases muscle tension
✔ Relieves post-workout muscle soreness
✔ Eases headaches, migraines, and jaw tightness
✔ Deepens mind-body connection and relaxation

Dive into the world of Gua Sha and its benefits in our blog post: Journey into Gua Sha.

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